foreign languages




Special features
Independence from geographical position.
A teacher and a student can be in different parts of the world, but it is not a problem for their lessons. Access to the Internet, a microphone and a headset is all you need.
Comfort of your lessons.
You can have your classes at any convenient time. Never mind rain or sunshine and have a lesson. Parents can forget “Who takes a kid to school?” problem.
Affordable prices. You only pay for classes you actually had.
The price range for Skype lessons is generally lower than for traditional courses or private tutors.
No additional expenses.
You do not have to buy or print out any learning materials.
A possibility to have group classes-videoconferences.
You can join a friend, a colleague or a relative in an attempt to reach a common goal of mastering a foreign language, exam preparation, interviews or trips abroad.
What can be done via Skype lessons
  • General course of a foreign language (Beginner - Advanced).
  • Foreign languages for special purposes.
  • International exam preparation: TOEFL, IELTS and more.
  • School exams preparation.
  • Interview skills development programs.
  • Assistance in applying for US visa.
  • Writing of all kinds of essays and articles in English.